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During the recent hot weather the elephant herd have been spending some extra time in their cool mud wallow. Luk Chai follows mum and his aunties in and somehow manages to end up the muddiest of them all. We give them a hose down as they splash around and the young calf often sticks his trunk out which is his way of asking for the hose to be pointed at him. Wallowing in mud is much more than just elephant play - it’s their way of protect their skin from the sun and keeping themselves cool.

Yesterday in the mud wallow while Chief Aunt Tang Mo was enjoying a cool hose down Luk Chai insisted in plonking himself squarely between her four legs and wriggling about in the mud under her tummy. When he’d enough of that, he poked his head through her hind legs and tried to barge through even though his shoulders were clearly too wide to fit through the gap. Tang Mo was exceptionally patient with his mischievous behaviour, as always, and gently moved her hind leg to let him through, resulting in the little bull dozer losing balance and toppling over in the mud.

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