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This month you can read our guide on caring responsibly for your own animals at home and do your bit for biodiversity by protecting native wildlife. A dog or cat can be your best friend, but it takes a bit of work, lots of love and some patience.

International Year of Biodiversity
  • Choose a pet  that matches your family’s lifestyle
  • Feed your pet regularly with good quality food; otherwise a hungry pet will sometimes go hunting
  • ‘Do the right thing’ with poo – scoop it up, and bin it or compost it.
  • Remember, your pet can harm wildlife so keep your pet inside at night and also keep it on a leash where there is wildlife.
  • If you can’t care for your pet find it a new home so it won’t stray and kill wildlife.
  • For sick or injured native animals contact a wildlife rescue organisation or Taronga Wildlife Hospital.

Finally, lots of love and good care will keep your pet happy and busy.

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