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Sumatran Tiger cool treats

Summer has definitely arrived and with temperatures already reaching over 30 degrees most days the animals at the Zoo find different ways to keep cool.

Some, like the rhinos, love the hot weather because it’s an excuse to wallow in the mud, and for the Asian Elephants, it's an occasion to go for a swim!  Keepers do many different things to help keep the animals as comfortable as possible including filling mud wallows with water so animals such as rhinos can really cover themselves in mud, or setting the misting system going for the Tasmanian Devils and Lions. 

Some animals like Juara the Sumatran Tiger even get special icy cold treats to enjoy.  Keepers froze some of his favourite meaty treats into an ice block!  This big ice block took him some time to get through as he enjoyed licking the cold surface, especially on a hot day.