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Today was another highly successful moment in our work to trim our youngest giraffe, Jimiyu’s hooves.

We were able to file a significant amount of horn from his left front hoof with the help of master farrier Mike Fruin while Jimiyu calmly munched on treats.

He was remarkably patient with the rain that started to fall. He doesn’t like the rain at all and will often go into the giraffe houses during showers.

He enjoyed the trim so much that through the day he’s been cruising past the door and sticking his head through to see if there’s another session happening.

It’s been six months since we started training him and we can’t wait to do the next foot. This training has also allowed us to take x-rays of his feet at the same time.

This simple work means he won’t have any problems with his fast-growing hooves. Our vets have taken x-rays which show Jimiyu's feet are fine and the early trimming of the hooves is important to keep the giraffes feet sound. 

We’re all so happy but very tired too!

Giraffe Keeper, Adam


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