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Kambiri, our little pygmy hippo calf, is progressing in leaps and bounds!! In just over a month, she has more than tripled her birth weight, weighing in at 16.5kg.

She's also becoming more and more confident out on exhibit, and if the weather is good, she is happy to stay outside longer, exploring her surroundings, snoozing in the sun with mum Petre or taking a dip in their pond.

Petre is being an excellent mother too. When out on display, she guides Kambiri around the exhibit making sure she is safe and even hides her when she thinks Kambiri needs protection or a sleep. With water being such a big part of hippo life she is now even encouraging Kambiri to practice her deep water swimming in their pond!!  In the wild Pygmy Hippo mothers will naturally stash their offspring away in dense bush when they go off to feed which is something that Petre is also doing.

As the calf is still young and a routine is still being established, Kambiri's time on display will vary in the coming weeks. Be sure to try and get down to catch a glimpse of her before lunch as afternoons are the perfect time for a nap in the dens for the Pygmy Hippo calf. 

- Hippo Manager, Renae

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