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Today was just another normal day for all 17 members of the Chimp family, but as keepers were going about their routine. Samaki (a young, up and coming male) was  lording over the termite mound and its delicious contents, dominant male Lubutu and his “righthand man” Shabani were confidently displaying on any exhibit structures that allowed for loud impressive noises (leaving the females in awe of their obvious strength and power) and the females were sitting around in family groups grooming each other.

After a few minutes however Kamili, one of the group’s younger females, decided to challenge Lubutu to a duel! She picked up a small leafy branch, approached Lubutu (who was quietly sitting and surveying the group), and much to the entertainment of the Keepers watching, proceeded to hit Lubutu over the back of the head with it! Lubutu being a gentleman decided to ignore this behaviour. Kamili however was not perturbed by his non-response and continued to bob up and down and hit him continually for some time! A true leader demonstrates patience and Lubutu kept on ignoring the attack.

By Keeper: Shannon

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