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Kimya laying with Kibali

A couple of months have passed and Kibali and Kimya are settling in well.  There has been some highs and lows with the two young gorillas getting to know each other with their paths not always being smooth.  But these gentle giants are starting to grow together and keepers have seen some positive behaviours between both gorillas which are cementing the bonds between the future Silverback and his female partner.

Kibali has been seen instigating play and showing a lot of interest in Kimya, following her around the exhibit, and Kimya is reciprocating.  Kimya has adjusted well after leaving her family and is accepting her new life with her French gorilla. Kibali is still very dominating when it comes to food but that is a gorilla trait with all gorillas liking their food way too much,  and not sharing.  His favourite foods that the keepers see him eating is eggplant, chicory and watermelon, not to mention the dry taste of lucerne hay.

Kimya and Kibali are enjoying their new home, exploring and making large nests in the straw out in the sun.  Their exhibit has also had a nice face lift with fresh mulch covering the ground and another smaller platform built for them to climb and play on.  Every day the keepers set up their exhibit with yummy food and behavioural enrichment which can be anything from large toys to exciting food items.  Kimya and Kibali are still very shy with the public but don’t worry if you can’t see them out in their exhibit as there is also the front room and their neighbours are our family group of eight gorillas just next door.  So there’s plenty of gorillas to see...

Gorilla Keeper, Lisa 

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