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Blackback gorilla Kibali

There's a new kid on the block, well a new blackback gorilla. Kibali is 11years old and came from a zoo in France with his carer Jean Pascal on January 24th. Jean Pascal spent two weeks here working with our keepers in quarantine and getting Kibali settled into his new life across the seas.  Kibali has been chosen for an important role in our breeding program at Taronga Zoo, which is presently focussed on our silverback, "Kibabu".

Kibali initially stayed in quarantine at Taronga’s Wildlife Hospital for a month, before moving to his new home with a harbour view. It's a very exciting time for all the keepers involved as there is a new kid on the block.  There are alot of changes not only for our new blackback gorilla but for our existing family group, as one of the young females, Kimya, has joined Kibali.

Both gorillas are at age that they would be leaving their family groups to start their own family in the wild and this is no different for our two young gorillas.  Gorillas are critically endangered in the wild and there is less than 100,000 Western Lowland Gorillas remaining.  So in the coming weeks introducing Kibali and Kimya is an import part of the species survival bringing new genetics and establishing their own breeding group.

They already seem very comfortable together, which is great sign that we keepers are very pleased about

Primate Keeper, Lisa

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