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The youngest member of our Gorilla group, Kipenzi, is doing well and at only six weeks old, is growing fast. Her hair is becoming darker and we have also noticed that she has pink patches of skin on the soles of her feet like her mother, Kriba.

Having a new baby is an exciting time for the whole group, particularly the younger members who often try to get close to Kriba to get a good look.  Kriba is proving, once again, to be an attentive and protective mum, doting on Kipenzi constantly.

Silverback and father, Kibabu stays at a distance, however he keeps a very watchful eye on the newest member of his family. We have noticed that Kimya is particularly keen to be involved in the care of her little sister. Although Kriba will not let Kimya get too close, she spends a lot of time watching and investigating the miniature version of herself. This is a very important experience for Kimya as she learns important skills from watching Kriba raise a baby. This will be vital experience that Kimya will need when the time comes for her to raise her own offspring.

Primate Keeper, Rachael


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