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Koala being looked after by the Taronga Wildlife Hospital

The Taronga Western Plains Zoo Wildlife Hospital has been caring for a Koala since early February after it survived the deadly bushfires around Coonabarabran. It was rescued by a WIRES carer, National Parks and Wildlife staff and Zoo veterinary staff after it was found in burnt-out bushland in the area hit by the fires.

The female Koala had burns on its feet, hands, face, ears and rump and was very dehydrated and thin. Vets assessed the animal’s wounds and provided antibiotics and dressings to help them heal, along with supportive care including nutritional support, fluids and pain relief.

The Koala showed continual improvement whilst at the hospital over the course of seven weeks and has since been transferred to a wildlife carer for further rehabilitation in a specially designed enclosure with climbing opportunities, to help the animal develop her fitness and strength again. Once deemed capable and fully fit, the Koala will be released back into the wild but this is likely to be some months down the track.   

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