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Kristie, TWPZ Keeper

Meet Allambie and Lilli Pilli, our two Koala joeys which have just  made their debut out of the pouch.  The pair are between 10 to 12 months of age and are becoming more independent as they grow.  Allambie is a bit shy and is not to fond of the keepers while Lilli Pilli is the opposite and often enjoys some leaves held up by the keeper for her to munch.

There  hasn't been a Koala joey born at the Zoo since 2003, so it is very exciting for all the keepers to see two little joeys at the same time!

TWPZ koala joey 1 250

The pair are both doing well, with mothers Victoria and Flora being very caring to their young.  The joeys will stay with the mothers for the next few months as they become fully independent.

The joeys will be on public display in November after maintenance on their exhibit is finished.

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