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Nick, Black Rhino Keeper  

Over the past few weeks, our new Black Rhino calf Kufara has grown in confidence as well as size. We estimate that she would now weigh at least four times her birth weight and be around 120 kilograms. Her personality has grown as well, and she’s become very fond of belly scratches, often lying down to allow keepers better access!

She has started eating more solid food, and is often seen chewing on the leftover branches that her mum hasn’t eaten. However, it is likely to be a further 14 months before Kufara is fully weaned and begins eating only the leafy branches and hay that her mother Bakhita enjoys. 

On the cool mornings we have been having recently Kufara has been enjoying tearing around her enclosure, bucking and jumping as well as attempting to fight anything that looks different. She is clearly becoming a very feisty Black Rhinoceros!

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