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Lima the Siamang Ape grows in independence

At just over one year old, Lima the Siamang Ape is becoming quite independent for his age. For the early years of their lives, baby Siamangs are very dependent on their parents, mum especially. For the first eight months or so, a baby will not leave its mother’s side, constantly clinging to her belly so she can take him wherever she goes.

As the months go by, a Siamang Ape baby will slowly become more confident and adventurous, and that is exactly what little Lima is up to nowadays. He can be seen climbing and swinging on the smaller ropes to test his strength, and venturing away from mum Puteri, although she rarely lets him out of her sight. The only time you will see him clinging to her is to hitch a ride across the water, or early in the morning when it’s too cold on his own.

Once he reaches 18 months of age, father Saudara will start to play a larger role, teaching him the skills and techniques he will need as an adult. For the moment, adulthood is still a number of years away, and in the meantime Lima can be seen play-wrestling with his parents and climbing higher every day.

By Keeper, Sasha Brook