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Turning one is a big milestone for a baby and Lima the Siamang Ape baby has reached it this month.  Over the past year Lima has grown and developed becoming more independent and is now starting to explore things on his own, but still relies on his parents.

To mark the occasion keepers created a special birthday surprise for Lima and his parents Puteri and Saudara to share.  Lima was a bit tentative at first but gradually built up the confidence to see what treats were on the outside and also inside the present.  The whole family really enjoyed all the food inside the surprise.

The birthday present was filled with all of the Siamangs’ favourite treats including dried and fresh fruits, sultanas and had smears of peanut butter on the outside.  At first Lima wasn’t too sure about the birthday present but soon followed Puteri and Saudara’s lead to see what was inside!

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