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Koala joey emerges at Dubbo

Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Aussie Walkthrough exhibit is flourishing with another joey emerging from the pouch recently.  Keepers have been observing Koala mother Lilli Pilli and her joey starting to come down from the treetops to the platform more often for fresh leaves.

The joey has only recently fully emerged from Lilli Pilli’s pouch and is now often spotted clinging to the front or back of his mum.  The male joey is about six months old and is the second joey  for Lilli Pilli who is good mother and quite protective of her young, often vocalising to the father, Jarrah to keep  his distance from them.

The Koala joey is yet to be named and keepers are currently thinking of an appropriate Australian name for the newest addition to the group.  Over the coming months the joey will continue to stay with his mother until approximately 12 months old when he will become independent.