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Today the calf got to spend a few hours with his mother’s closest elephant friend Pak Boon. Pak Boon is very curious about the calf. She follows him about and watches him closely. Every now and then she touches him gently with her trunk.

For the first time we gave the three of them access to all of the barn stalls. The calf is getting adventurous and spent many hours discovering his new home.

Another first for the calf was bathtime. The calf shared a gentle wash down in the barn with mum. Initially he hid under her belly to avoid the water, but he eventually came out and participated in the bath. He seemed to enjoy it!

We weighed him again and he’s still 116 kilos which is a good sign that he hasn’t lost any weight.

We still can’t believe that he’s here with us. He’s very delicate and we’re hoping that he'll continue to get stronger.

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