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Lubutu, the group’s dominant male, has taken to asserting himself this week, letting all in the near vicinity know exactly who is boss! He impresses the group with large and very loud displays of his strength and power. As he watches over his family, many a Chimp will come to him for comfort and support when the time comes for them to move back to their renovated exhibit.

Shabani and Chimbuka, two of the group’s older males take a page from Lubutu’s book, both demonstrating confident attitudes. Whenever there’s changes to the Chimps’ current exhibit, all the males need to reassert themselves and their positions within the group. With the older males distracted, Samaki (Shabani’s younger brother) has taken the opportunity to prove himself a force to be reckoned with. With his hair standing on end he is almost as big as his older brother and the females and infants have learned to stay out of his way. Furahi and Shikamoo (two sub-adult males) are watching Samaki and the older males, learning how to earn respect from the group and they too are rising to the occasion.

By Shannon, Primate keeper.