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Luk Chai is two months old today!

Luk Chai spent the afternoon in the dust bath with the girls as they coated themselves in dirt. He’s been mimicking mum and the aunts, trying to spray dirt on himself with his trunk. He wasn’t very successful, but he got plastered in dirt anyway. He stood under their bellies and the extra soil fell on to his back.

We’ve noticed that he’s learnt one of mum’s tricks. Thong Dee loves trying to steal treats from our food pouches. Thong Dee taps the pouch with her trunk and tries to reach in when she thinks we’re not looking. Luk Chai has been watching mum and although he doesn’t even eat veggies yet he’s taken on one of mum’s endearing characteristics.

Luk Chai approaches quietly and he’s caught me quite unaware a few times! You don’t know he’s right next to you until you feel his little trunk poking about in your pouch. He hasn’t managed to steal any of the adults’ treats yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time till the young calf perfects his technique.

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