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Mahale walking upright

With the passing of another year, Taronga’s young Western Lowland Gorilla Mahale, shows no sign of changing the way he gets about.

Last year he made headlines after keepers noticed him displaying a very special behaviour -- one that is not seen in many other gorillas around the world. While gorillas generally walk on all four limbs, Mahale likes to stand up on his back two legs and walk upright, in much the same way as humans. 

Keepers are fascinated by Mahale's ability to move around in this way and it’s quite obvious that Mahale is also pretty impressed with himself. Some days during the 11:30am talk -- just as we point out Mahale to the crowd -- as if on cue he will stand up and casually stroll across the front of the exhibit for everyone to see. This always has the crowd reaching for their cameras and while he may be another year older it’s clear Mahale still loves the attention. 

It’s great to see Mahale growing into such a confident young gorilla. It’s an amazing sight to see this him up on his legs and walking around with his head held high.

We keepers acknowledged Mahale’s fourth year with some special treats. During the day Mahale played with his younger brother, Fuzu, as they feasted on a yummy spread of food we’d laid out. Along with their usual selection of fresh vegetables they were given watermelon and popcorn as an extra treat.

Being the centre of attention isn’t uncommon for Mahale, And we’re delighted with the way he’s growing and learning in this wonderful Gorilla group.

Primate Keeper, Renae.



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