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Over the past few weeks we’ve noticed a big change in our youngest infant Mahali.  He has started to branch away from his mum more and more, leaving her on one side of the exhibit while he’s off exploring his surroundings on the other side.

Mahali found climbing the large logs and ropes a little daunting at first. 

Mahali climbs 250

We saw him start by sliding across the logs, then slowly venturing up on all fours and now moving quite confidently across them and even swinging on the ropes.

Fuzu, who’s the slightly older infant, and Kimya, who’s five years old, are also paying much more attention to Mahali as he finds his new freedom.  When we are doing the Keeper Talks you can often find Fuzu and Mahali rumbling and tumbling in front of the logs and waterfall while their mums are left to forage for food or relax.

Kimya who has taken on a mothering role to Mahali, likes to play with him gently but then when it’s all over she will pick him up and walk away with him on her back.

Mahali has always been been a little more confident than Fuzu and we’re sure that over the coming weeks Mahali with the help of his older playmate will get up to more mischief as he finds his way around the forest exhibit.

mahali stands on 2 legs 250

As our infants grow so does the awareness of our mobile phone recycling campaign.  We have collected around 3500 mobile phones which have all helped in the reduction of mining for the mineral Coltan in Africa’s Gorilla habitat. By donating your old mobile phone, not only do you reduce the mining pressure placed on their territory, but you are also raising funds from the sale of the refurnished phone that directly aid primate conservation.

The campaign is going strong just like Mahali and his adventures, so these holidays why not come out to the zoo and see our little gorilla grow – and don’t forget to bring your old mobile along to donate and help his wild cousins.

- Lisa

Primate Keeper

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