Securing a shared future for wildlife and people

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With urbanisation steadily swallowing the natural environment around us we need to learn how to share suburbia. Animals were here before we built our homes but our actions are leaving them without theirs.

Possums build their nests in trees, but with a diminishing number of mature trees for them to nest in they’ve had to adapt. Unfortunately this often means roofs become possum homes. If you’ve tried moving them then you know that they just come back, but did you know that if they get moved more than 150m away from their nest they can die?

It's easy to build a possum nest like this

Possums are nocturnal so if you leave a light on in your roof space eventually they’ll move out on their own to find a new home. Once they’ve left you can block up the hole to prevent any more tenants moving in.

Before you put the light on up in the roof space you should make sure that you give the possums a suitable new home. Keeper Paul from the Nocturnal House has put these instructions together on how to build a possum nest. Following his advice you can have an inexpensive nest built in literally five minutes.

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