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Matt Moran with Roar and Snore Host Sam Hollings and Bearded Dragon

Matt Moran with Roar and Snore Host Sam Hollings and Bearded Dragon

Renowned chef Matt Moran began his T-QUAL Tick Tour around Australia on Friday night, staying over at Taronga’s Roar and Snore with his family to experience the zoo at night.

First stop was a kitchen of a different kind when Matt got to see what it takes to feed many different wild Australian animals  in the Australia’s Nightlife kitchen. Complete with chopping block, recipe book and a cool room full of fresh produce, the kitchen seemed somewhat like what Matt uses on a daily basis, until live insects appeared on the menu. Being a true chef, Matt only hesitated for a few moments before tasting a mealworm, considered chocolate in the animal world.

Walking through the zoo grounds as the sun sets over the Harbour and nobody else around is a surreal experience that only those staying at Roar and Snore get to experience. Matt thoroughly enjoyed strolling past some of the exhibits with host Sam before arriving at the Roar and Snore site to his tent which was alight with the setting sun and overlooked glittering views of the Sydney skyline.  Here Matt met a several Australian animals including a Diamond Python, Ring-tail Possum and Bearded Dragon.

Joining the rest of the guests for the night, Matt continued to blog about his experience on the T-QUAL blog that you can see here

Taronga Zoo’s Roar and Snore program has been endorsed by the T-QUAL Tick. The T-QUAL Tick is the Australian Government’s national symbol of tourism quality.