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African Elephants arriving by boat in 1977

African Elephants arriving by boat

This year Taronga Western Plains Zoo will celebrate 35th years of caring for wildlife on Tuesday 28 February 2012. 

To celebrate this milestone, the Zoo will be looking at the past 35 years of memories and how people remember their time at the Zoo.  Since the Zoo opened in 1977, Cuddles the African Elephant has been a resident here the whole time and seen the Zoo change and evolve to what it is today.

The Zoo has achieved great things over its 35 year history including releasing Przewalski’s Horse back into the wild in Mongolia, achieving the world first Black Rhino embryo via IVF, breeding the first Galapagos Tortoise hatchling in Australasia as well as many important breeding successes for critically endangered animals.  The Zoo has also recently created a new free access area which is the first of its kind in NSW and allows visitors to see Primates for free.

Stay tuned for details about the host of events and activities that will be held across the next 12 months to encourage people to share their memories but also create new memories of the Zoo.

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