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Wild! Rhinos St Pius X Primary School

Students at St Pius X Primary School went wild recently, dressing up as animals all in the name of raising funds for Rhino conservation. The local Dubbo School which is part of the Taronga Wild! Rhinos schools project ran a number of different competitions across the day to help raise funds for this worthy cause. For just a coin donation students entered the guessing competitions of Which Animal’s Rear End is This and Whose poo is this!

The fundraising day was a great success for the small school with all the students getting involved in the activities. Students were even lucky enough to have a visit from one of the Black Rhino keepers at the Zoo, who talked about what it is like to work with this endangered species every day.

The students and teachers are now getting ready to start decorating their Rhino sculpture named Ikechi (ee-keh-chee) which is African for God's strength and was chosen as the winner of a naming competition at the school. The sculpture will form part of the trail of sculptures that will be seen from Sydney to Dubbo from February – April 2014.