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Monday's Qantas flight  to Albury carrying the second group of 21 Regents was delayed due to thick fog, with the temperature plunging down to 1.5C!! Glad I was there last week!!

The birds had their transmitters fitted once they arrived in Chiltern and were then put into the tents. These birds were released  yesterday , which I'm told went very well. Unlike last week, we decided to release all the birds on the one day, as the conditions in Chiltern have been great for the birds and because last week's releases went so smoothly.

Sadly, a transmitter harness and feathers were found by volunteers on Monday afternoon. It has been confirmed that this Regent Honeyeater was taken by a Goshawk. This is terrible news but unfortunately  it's all part of living in the wild for our native animals. All of the other birds released last week are being sighted regularly and appear to be in excellent condition.

By Bird Keeper, Farley.

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