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Allan, Senior Primate Keeper

Our two Orang-utans have moved out.

In a big step in the renovation of the Chimpanzee exhibit, they’ve gone to their new off-exhibit home so work modifying the side of the Orang House can go at full speed.

Up at the Chimp House, the group were introduced to the new transport crates which have been moved into place in their night dens.

These new crates will be used to move our three oldest females to their temporary home.
As the three are quite old, we’ll move them while they are awake as they’ll be more comfortable, whereas the other members of the group will get an anaesthetic for the trip.

We’ve given all the chimpanzees access to the crates to let them check them out and I’m pleased to say that most of the group absolutely love them.

The problem now for us keepers is to get them out of the crates. The youngsters in particular feel that the crates are great to show us just how tough they are and that they are a force to be reckoned with… as long as mum is close by that is.

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