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Last week the Education Centre’s very special galah, Mulga, turned 20. Mulga is my favourite animal at the Zoo. Why do I adore her? So many reasons!

She is very affectionate and can be a bit cheeky if she’s ignored for even a millisecond. She also has a bit of a sad history. She came to the Zoo when she was just a chick, a rescue from customs after someone had tried to smuggle her. Mulga was hand-raised here and released back into the wild, but she was found not doing too well, so she stayed at the Zoo where she could be cared for and also became an ambassador to educate and inspire students that visit.

To celebrate her birthday I gave her some treats – her favourite sunflower seeds and an apple core which she ripped right through. 

Mulga is such a friendly bird. She loves attention and is very sociable with humans. She makes the most adorable little clicking noises when you are with her, which is a bit like a cat purring. She’s always eager for attention, cuddles and playing which makes her such a great animal to work with.

I’ve been training her and she now flies from perch to perch in the classroom during lessons and also lifts up her foot in the air on request. She loves the stimulation and seems to really enjoy the training.

 Next we’re looking to work with Bird Trainer Grey from the QBE Free Flight Bird Show to work on some more behaviours.

- Cate, Education