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Luk Chai has been delighting us with his playful antics with Pak Boon in the mud wallow yesterday. Pak Boon was having the greatest time rolling on her back in the mud, while Luk Chai was busy with his own game.

He’d run full pelt towards her before joining in the commotion as they splashed around in the mud. Luk Chai would then hop out of the wallow to start all over again and each time Pak Boon would get all excited as he’d run towards her.

Then this morning he discovered another game. We’ve hung a bunch of small rubber tyres at head level in the barn. He usually pushes them around with his trunk, but today he discovered that he could head butt them! Just like bull elephants in the wild he did a mini charge at the tyres, doing a little run up before playfully knocking them with his head.

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