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Red-necked Wallaby joey, Walter

The male Red-necked Wallaby, Walter, is now about eight months old and is regularly spotted poking his head out of his mum’s pouch.  Occasionally he is even seen getting out of the pouch and stretching before clambering back in to the pouch.

Walter will stay in the pouch another month or so until he’s grown too much to climb in. The young wallaby will still drink from mum for another few months until he’s fully independent.

Mum, Leila, is doing a great job raising the young joey and allows her keepers to get close and check on the joey during the day.  Leila especially enjoys a scratch and some cracked corn from her keepers.

This recent arrival brings the total number of Red-necked Wallabies in the Aussie Walkthrough to 11. Over the coming months keepers are hopeful that more pouch young will start to emerge as well.