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Ripley’s starting to look more and more like an adult Barking Owl. He’s now completely covered in feathers, making him look less of fuzz ball.

Last Friday Ripley had his first flight! It was only from the ground to the couch and then a big jump into foster mum Erin’s lap for a nap – but a flight is a flight! There haven’t been any more practice flights just yet, but we are looking forward to more to come.

We’ve also give Ripley some toys to fill up his days. He was given some grevillea flowers and he tore the petals to pieces! He has also been given some wooden perches to grip and wear away.
Ripley has some big changes ahead this week as he graduates from sleeping over at his foster mum’s house to moving in with the rest of the birds at the QBE Free Flight Bird Show.

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