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Konira on stage at the QBE Free-flight Bird Show

If you’ve ever seen an Andean Condor, you’ll known that the South American species of bird is very impressive. These birds can reach an enormous three-metre wingspan, making them one of the largest predatory birds in the world.

To see an Andean Condor in flight is a real privilege, and Taronga is very lucky to be training ‘Konira’, a one year old female, to be a future star in the QBE Free-flight Bird Show.

So far, Konira has been training with our keepers for only two months, but she’s a very quick learner. Our keepers have seized the opportunity to give her new challenges, one of which has been to show off her routine in the 3pm show. Visitors who miss out on the afternoon show, have a chance to see Konira’s older sister Lesley, who flies gracefully from a 12 metre tower during the midday presentation.

Taronga’s juvenile Andean Condor in flight

Konira’s parents Connie and Bruce are getting older, so it is great to see two healthy young females in residence at Taronga Zoo, as this maximises potential breeding opportunities for the species in the future.

Though Andean Condors are equipped with great eyesight, and sharp talons to find and attack their prey, their species is threatened by habitat loss and poisoning. And many vultures species in Africa and Asia are critically endangered and on the brink of extinction.

Taronga’s QBE Free-flight show helps to support bird species around the world by contributing to important conservation partnerships and protecting vulnerable species. When you plan your visit, make sure you see the Andean Condors, not far from the Elephant Exhibit, and watch them fly in the QBE Free-flight Bird Show.

QBE Free-flight Bird Show

QBE Free-flight Bird Show
A flurry of feathers and a cacophony of bird song bring this popular event to life at 12pm and 3pm daily (map reference L5).

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