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NJ the Galapagos Tortoise hatchling is growing…albeit slowly, but that’s normal for these tortoises. The tortoises hatching weight was around 87 grams, and NJ has tripled in weight, now reaching 267 grams at a recent check up! 

NJ Galapagos Tortoise 1yr 8mth

NJ has a special diet of finally chopped vegetables and fruits as well as chaff.  NJ is monitored regularly for growth and development so keepers can track that he is growing well. At present NJ is one year and eight months old, but keepers will not know if NJ is a male or a female until three years of age.

NJ is on display daily from 11:30am in a specially-built exhibit just next to the adult Galapagos Tortoise. 

Due to NJ's size, the youngster is unable to be kept in the adult Galapagos Tortoise exhibit. In the wild , once the Galapagos Tortoise hatch, they are on their own to survive.  

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