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NJ reaches 1kg mark

While many people make a new year’s resolution to lose weight, for NJ it is all about gaining weight and continuing to grow and develop at a steady pace. This week NJ reached a milestone, hitting the one kilogram mark. At almost three years of age it has been a long time coming to reach this milestone considering he started out at a mere 89 grams. NJ still has a long way to go though as an adult Galapagos Tortoise can weigh up to 300kgs!

Keepers are really happy with NJ’s progress, he is becoming more and more active and responsive to the keepers. NJ enjoys eating a variety browse species as well as a fruit and vegetable mix twice a week. NJ really likes the fruit and vegetable days but keepers put down coprosma leaves, mulberry leaves and hibiscus flowers as NJ other favourite foods.

Whilst NJ is often spotted resting in the exhibit, he does like to move around and explore his exhibit, climbing over rocks and bark and even sometimes enjoying a wallow in his water bowl, especially on a hot day. The best time to see NJ in the specially made exhibit at the Galapagos Tortoise exhibit is between 11am and 4pm daily.

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