Securing a shared future for wildlife and people

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I received an email today from the Earth Hour team asking me what inspires me to protect the planet, and it got me thinking… I think this year Earth Hour theme “uniting people to protect the planet” has really hit the mark. It’s important that we remind ourselves that during Earth Hour we switch off the lights not necessary to save electricity,  but to acknowledge a united front. To say, we all have a responsibility to protect the planet. One simple action, carries with it one huge symbolic message.

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Taronga is about conservation and lucky enough to be involved with conservation projects  that protect wildlife and our environment every day. Taronga also reaches over a 1.3 million visitors each year in so many different ways, from asking them  to support our community conservation campaigns like Fish4Life, applying for Taronga Green Grants which enable passionate individuals to be part of exciting conservation projects in Australia and overseas, to volunteer with us or  simply as they visit either one of our beautiful Zoos to learn more about wildlife in our care. In this way I also see that Taronga has a critical role to unite people and the community to go beyond the hour every day for better conservation outcomes.  Supporting events like Earth Hour is an important part of what Taronga does because we ask that you get involved to support something that speaks volumes about what we want for our future.

So when you are turning out the light for Earth Hour remember the impact of the message that the action carries with you this year. That in joining with all those people, businesses  and community groups who like Taronga, you hope for a shared future for wildlife and people.

I hope you enjoy your night and take some time to reflect by candle light  with your family or friends about  the millions of other people who like you, all want to be part of the much bigger picture for conservation. Happy Earth Hour 2012!

- By Emma, Manager Environmental Sustainability

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