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Dave, Tasmanian Devil Keeper

Can you help us name one of our Tasmanian Devils?

We need a name that fits the Tasmanian Devils’ native land Australia, its personality and its unusual physical characteristics, so here are some clues to help you out.

This Tasmanian Devil is a quiet female who which loves a cuddle with her sister.  We often find the two snuggled up together in a den or burrow.  Like all Tasmanian Devil she loves her food and but is very content around us.  In just one year’s time she will be making her contribution to the breeding program and will be paired with one of the males at the Zoo.

The most appropriate name for this little one will be decided by her keepers and the winner will receive a family pass for two adults and two children for a day at the Zoo as well as a guided tour of the Tasmanian Devil breeding facility which isn’t normally open to the public, so this is a unique opportunity.

To upload your suggestion visit and put Name Our Devil in the subject.  Don’t forget to tell us your name, address and phone number.

Start thinking cause the competition closes on April 23.

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