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Taronga Western Plains Zoo is having a baby boom!  Three Giraffe calves in three months is very rare and definitely an adorable sight. 

The calf, a female named Kitoto, meaning small baby in Swahili, was born in the morning of Friday 5 February 2010 to mother Andrea and father Unami. 

Andrea is an experienced mother and is displaying all the right maternal behaviours towards her young.  The calf is very healthy and getting stronger everyday but is a little cautious staying close by mum whilst out on exhibit.

Kitoto is the eighth calf for Andrea who has been a large contributor to the breeding program since she arrived from Honolulu Zoo in 1986.  Andrea was the first Giraffe at Taronga Western Plains Zoo to give birth, commencing what is now one of the Zoo’s most successful breeding programs.

The older two Giraffe calves have bonded really well together and are curious and playful.  In time Kitoto will join her older half sister Karaka and great aunt Uthuli on their morning gallops around the exhibit.

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