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Orphaned Dusty Moorhen growing fast

TWPZ Wildlife Hospital

Orphaned animals are regularly brought to Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital however; it is not very often that they are a baby Dusty Moorhen.  This young Dusty Moorhen was brought to the Zoo by a member of the public after being found on its own at the Narromine weir.

Arriving at the Zoo in late December weighing a mere 18 grams the little youngster is growing fast now weighing 123 grams.  It eats a combination of greens, meat mix, seeds, insects and soft fruits and is doing well.  

This youngster will continue to be raised and rehabilitated by vet nurses for the next couple of months and then will be released back into the wild.

Dusty Moorhens are found in wetlands and freshwater marshes in Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia.

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