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 Happy birthday to our ‘miracle’ calf Pathi Harn!

Two years have flown by since we were in awe of when Porntip gave birth to Pathi Harn. The youngster defied the odds and is now thriving!

You can see him most days sparring with Luk Chai, the eldest of the calves or swimming with Tukta, our young female. Pathi Harn also loves to play with tyres, tricking visitors into thinking he’s stuck sometimes! He can be cautious with anything new, but can be very playful and carefree too.

Elephant keeper Kat with Pathi Harn

Pathi Harn loves play sessions with us and tries very hard to get things right during our training sessions which help us strengthen the bonds we have with each of the elephants.

At birth he was 116 kilos and was drinking around 12 litres of milk a day.  He’s now weighs over 836 kilos and is developing into a healthy little bull, complete with growing tusks.

Next time you’re at the Zoo be sure to visit the Asian Elephants. The best time to see them is during our Elephant play session and talk at 1pm.

- Elephant Keeper Kat 

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