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Our three male pelicans in our marine precinct Great Southern Oceans are preparing to show off their amazing wild behaviours in the daily Seal Shows. As part of their training we take them on short stroll from their coastal home and walk them over to the Seal Theatre most mornings.

Eora has started walking through the crowds and finds the Seal Theatre stage very intriguing. He often becomes distracted by the colour and movement of his audience and one of his favourite training activities is swimming in the show pool. As he swims below the water’s surface he checks everyone out from the underwater viewing window.

Mani is very confident and comfortable on stage and isn’t too far off becoming the first one in the show. You’ll quite often see him having what he thinks is a chat with his Trainer.

Darren is still getting use to being the centre of attention. He has a preference for observing what the other pelicans are up to rather than taking part in the activities, but he has shown great improvement.

They have a few hurdles to get over before you will see them on the stage, but they’re well on their way to having starring roles teaching people about just how special pelicans are!

- Mel
Pelican Trainer

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