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Even before Luk Chai was born, auntie Tang Mo played an important role in preparing the mother-to-be, Thong Dee . When Thong Dee was in labour Tang Mo gave her a gentle rub on the back wiith her trunk to reassure and give her comfort. When Luk Chai arrived it took a little longer for the older elephants to get used to the newest member of the herd, but we’ve certainly noticed that they’ve now well and truly taken the boisterous young calf to heart as well as under their bellies.

Luk Chai is always after more milk from his mum and when there’s no more he is off to try and nurse from the matriarch of the herd Porntip. Of course he’s not successful in getting a drink from her, but with Porntip due to have her own calf next March it is great that she’s getting this experience. Porntip's nursing of Luk Chai speaks volumes about the relationship that has developed between them.

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