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This blog was written after the Project penguin introduction visit from Education Officers Cate and Kerry from Taronga Zoo and Project officer Julie from the Northern Beaches Learning Alliance

We learnt that in 2009, ten Little Penguins were killed by a dog then seven more were killed last year. This is bad because we found out that there are only 60 breeding pairs of penguins in Manly. We also learnt that penguins come back to where they were born to breed and that there are other conservation projects happening this year in other regions.

We are looking forward to learning about the Little Penguins and raising awareness and teaching the community about the penguins. We can’t wait till our excursions to Taronga Zoo and the beach and helping to clean up the beach for the penguins.

We’re excited about designing our projects and having the chance to be creative and making a real product for a real audience. It’ll be great working as a group with our Mackellar Girls mentors and then getting to see our projects displayed in the community.

If we could talk to the penguins we would tell them that plastic bags are not food and that if they see a dog to waddle away as fast as possible. We would ask them how they spend their day and if they are scared of dogs without leashes?

We wish we could tell them that lots of children in the Northern Beaches are trying to save them.

- Year 5 students from Manly Village Public


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