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Manly Vale Public School Project Penguin
On the 10th of May, year five and six arrived at Little Manly and after having a quick morning tea we headed off to Little Collins Beach and up to the bush to learn about weeds and plants. We met Emily and a Manly Environmental Centre warden who talked for a bit and then got us to get our hand dirty while we pulled out asparagus weed.When we were walking back to Little Manly we saw tiny Fairy Penguin footprints.  At Little Manly we had lunch then walked to Manly Wharf where we were talked to by Sue and Judy all about penguins and where they live and how you spot them. Then we conducted a site survey of the beach beside the wharf. We looked at all the rubbish and signs around the place and drew a map. Finally we headed back to the bus and back to school.   
Mia McFall

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Penguins, penguins, little Blue Penguins. On Wednesday the 9th of May 5/6 of Manly Vale P.S. went to Little Collins Beach. Two lovely volunteers from the Zoo and the Bushcare Regeneration Group talked to us about weeds, native plants and plants that provide shelter for the penguins. We then walked to Manly Beach. Along the way we saw penguin footprints in the sand. We had a quick recess then we met Sue, a penguin warden and Judy from the Manly Environment Centre. They told us about the Critical Penguin Habitat and what threats our Little Penguins face. We looked for signs about the penguins then we combed the beach for rubbish. We chatted about the great day we had as we walked back to the bus.  
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