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On Wednesday, May 18, Year Five went to Taronga Zoo for Project Penguin. We listened to a lady called Penguin Joe talk about the penguin cycle. We answered one whole page of questions! It was very interesting and I never got bored, she explained things very well. I had a lovely day at the zoo because I learnt so many new things! 

By 5O


After lunch we got into our groups and planned our projects. My group was thinking about doing a comic with a sculpture.

My group will be making a 3D paper mache of a penguin and we’ll include facts on how to save them.

My group will be making a goodie bag which will include postcards, bookmarks and lots of other things. In our planning session we talked about what each of us could do and I chose the shirts and bags.

We’re hoping to display our project at Manly Wharf.

We saw some projects from previous years and talked about what made them stand out. We also discussed how they could be improved.

By 5N


Our last activity was the vet nurse talk in the theatre.  At the talk, she entertained us by telling us interesting facts and at the same time, she had a Power Point presentation. Some of the slides were sad because they were of penguins that had been attacked by dogs or foxes and others were happy because they were of penguins going about their business in the wild unharmed.

The vet nurse taught us lots of things e.g. the Little Penguins main threats are fishing lines, hooks, boat propellers, water pollution – oil spills and humans.

The main predators are dogs, foxes and sea eagles. The worst attacks are dog attacks because they can break the penguins’ ribs. Many penguins are brought to the zoo. Last year 45 penguins went to the vet nurse.

At the end of the talk we asked questions and the questions some of found interesting were: 

‘What was the first penguin you ever treated? It was a baby penguin from Manly

The vet nurse talk was awesome.

By 5A

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