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For the first time yesterday the new calf got to properly meet the other two aunts and eight month old Luk Chai. The six of them hung out in the paddock together and Luk Chai was very excited and interested.

Mother Porntip and an aunt closely watch the playful 350 kilo calf interact with the newborn. Photo by Ben Gibson

This morning they’re all in the lower paddock again. All the aunts are being very protective of the new calf and making sure that there’s no rough play by Luk Chai.

Luk Chai is really curious and keeps touching the new calf with his trunk. The aunts have made a protective moving barricade by keep the playful 350 kilo Luk Chai from getting too close to the newborn.

Mother Porntip and one of the aunts practically formed a fence with their legs so that the calf is safely sandwiched between them. Luk Chai tries to wiggle his way between them, bottom first, but whenever he gets close the adults give him a gentle push pack out again.

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