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Giraffe calves, Khwezi and Mazi

Our two Giraffe calves are the continuing to flourish and really finding their feet as part of the herd. 

Tulli’s calf, Khwezi, has a real presence about him when amongst the other giraffes, although he is a little less confident than the other calf as he is often seen standing very close to his mother. Asmara’s calf, Mazi, on the other hand is quite mischievous and is often spotted away from mum’s side, exploring or even having a bit of a gallop.  Asmara definitely has a challenging youngster.

First thing in the morning after the herd is let out of its night yard, both calves are often seen running around the exhibit.  It is like they are burning off some energy from overnight and it’s a pretty amazing sight to see.

Both of the calves are yet to build up the confidence to come down to the front of the paddock during the public feed time each day, but it probably won’t be too long before they are.

We are really happy with how both the calves are growing and developing, and the nurturing and caring behaviours being shown by both mothers.

By Giraffe Keeper, Kevin Milton