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Addax calf

Keepers are excited by the arrival of a female Addax calf on Tuesday 8 May 2012. The female calf has been named ‘Habika’ meaning ‘sweetheart’ in an African language.  The calf is the third offspring for mother, Niamey, and keepers are happy with how well she is nurturing and caring for her latest calf.

Addax are critically endangered and hail from the Sahara Desert region in Africa. They are easily identifiable by their screw-like horns.  Today it is rare to see an Addax in the wild, therefore breeding programs like the one at Taronga Western Plains Zoo are important to build on the genetic diversity in the zoo-based population. Their main threat in the wild is from being hunted for their meat and for leather.

The Zoo now has five Addax, with the newest arrival to the herd able to be seen on exhibit throughout the day. Sometimes you may have to look closely as the little calf is often curled up in  the sun. 

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