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The first group of Regent  Honeyeaters arrived in their transport boxes on a Qantas flight at Albury airport yesterday morning. They then made the journey with keepers to the Chiltern release site.                                                                 

We spent the next few hours fitting the birds with harnesses and transmitters and putting them into tents  in  which they will spend the next few days in prior to the release. Also in the tents  are  fresh chunks of orange, Wombaroo nectar, fresh browse and blossoms for the birds to feed on. Fresh stuff is put in daily. The birds appear to be eating really well which is great, seeing as the temperature dropped to 5C overnight, with snow falling as close as 30km away!

Today local kids from  Years 5 and 6 are coming to the release site to learn about Regents and the environment they live in.

By Zoo Keeper, Farley.

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