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Rhino sculptures across Dubbo

Dubbo is now home to three stunning Black Rhino sculptures created by Sydney-based artists Gillie and Marc Schattner.

The sculptures, unveiled at the Dubbo Visitor Information Centre, Dubbo Regional Airport and Taronga Western Plains Zoo, further link the Zoo and the city it has called home for over 36 years.

The sculptures were a labour of love for artists Gillie and Marc, who last year offered to create a work of art for the Zoo in memory of the White Rhinos that passed away after a mystery illness in 2012. The Zoo extended this opportunity to Dubbo City Council.

The three sculpture installations, which include landscaping and signage, not only link Dubbo and the Zoo, they highlight the plight of Rhino species in the wild, with poaching currently at unprecedented levels.

Since being unveiled the sculptures have proven very popular, with locals and visitors alike posing for a photo. Check out our Zoo Maintenance Team (and our General Manager) with the Zoo’s installation. Looking good guys!

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