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Ronnie now part of the Seal Show

If you’re planning to come and watch the Ausgrid Seal Show any time soon, there’s one little seal that’s sure to impress. While this particular seal might be small compared to the other seals, Ronnie is certainly a star in his own right.

Ronnie is only five  years old but during the recent school holidays, the little seal appeared in the daily Seal Show and thrilled the packed theatre with his confidence. Ronnie appears in two of the show’s five segments and both of his keepers, Brad and Bridgette are happy with the seal’s progress.

Ronnie first appeared in the Seal Show almost a year ago, continuing to improve and grow ever since.

Occasionally his amazing survival story is retold during the shows, and everyone is reminded of how he survived an attack by a Cookie Cutter Shark and was nursed back to health at the Taronga Wildlife Hospital. But his scars are now the only reminder of those eventful days.

Outside shows, Ronnie spends time for the other seals, particularly Franklin, the two year old Sub-Antarctic Fur Seal. Together, they hang out at Seal Cove and enjoy swimming or lying along the water’s edge. But Ronnie also enjoys time alone, which is a common characteristic for the Fur Seal.

Be sure to come and see Ronnie and all the other seals at the Seal Show theatre at: 11:00am or 2:00pm 

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Ronnie completing a high bow


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