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George the Wedge-tailed Eagle

Its official, our new male Wedge-tailed Eagle has a name, and that name is George! As a Principal Partner of Taronga Zoo, QBE had the exclusive opportunity to be involved in the naming of this up-and-coming bird. They ran an internal promotion for all their NSW employees asking for potential names. The winner, Amy Kent, from QBE's Newcastle office is extremely excited that her suggested name, George, was picked as the winner, named after recently born Prince George. The name beat out other highly considered names Oxley and Peta (a native American term meaning "eagle"). 

George is still progressing well with his training. His current focus is still getting used to as many distractions as possible; however he has been maintaining his flight training too. As we’re still exposing him to novel things, we spend a lot of time just hanging out together, George perching on my gloved arm. I’m very humbled to be able to spend my days in this way. I will be honest though, after a short while George does become rather heavy! He only weighs in at 3kg, but that’s enough. George is extremely inquisitive and completely captivated by the native birds in the area. He will spend most out his time with me watching the pigeons fly around, tilting his head in the most obscure poses. He’s the closest thing to a contortionist I know.   He isn’t excited by them and doesn’t want to eat them, he just watches them. I imagine it to be somewhat relaxing.

With the weather warming up a tad George has also shown an affinity for his bathing pool. There have been a number of days now I have been spending my time holding a wet George, which as it happens results in a wet me. When we travel about George will often flap his wings in excitement, or spread them to dry off in the warmer breezes. I loved how keen on water George is, I just wish we could schedule it earlier into his day so he wasn’t even heavier during our training sessions! He appears to enjoy it though, so I won’t hold it against him.

- Bird Show Trainer, Brendan

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